Stanislav Grosu hunts for 3rd straight win at Manassas, VA homecoming

Stanislav Grosu hunts for 3rd straight win at Manassas, VA homecoming

Wednesday, Jan 17 2024 by BKFC Staff

Stanislav Grosu will feel right at home when he enters the Squared Circle at the Salisbury Center in Manassas, VA on Feb. 16.

Grosu has entered enemy territory countless times throughout his combat sports career, so the prospect of fighting in his own backyard is quite interesting.

The Moldova-born Grosu lived in Manassas for several years before recently moving to nearby Ashburn, VA, which is about 30 minutes away from Manassas. 

On the one hand, Grosu can sleep in his own bed on fight week and the Salisbury Center will be packed with his supporters. On the other hand, there’s potentially a lot of pressure that comes with fighting at home – especially in the coveted Main Event spot.

Throw in the fact that Grosu is hunting for his third straight stoppage victory against the hard-hitting Brandon “The Shredder” Shavers (1-1), and you could expect the fan-favorite BKFC middleweight to be a little tense.

That’s not the case.

“Man, I’m cool,” he says with a laugh.

“I worry more about my kids; that’s more stressful for me – what I can provide for them. Fighting is easy, fighting is no problem. I’ve been fighting all my life, so it’s fine.

“I’m feeling some pressure, yes, but that’s a positive,” he adds. “Being in this position is a privilege.”

Grosu has a lot of respect for Shavers’ skills, but he’s very confident he’ll get the win in front of his hometown fans.

“He’s good, but I’m much better.”