BKFC stars (almost) all agree on KnuckleMania's Feature Fight

BKFC stars (almost) all agree on KnuckleMania's Feature Fight

Wednesday, Apr 24 2024 by BKFC Staff

It’s no secret that “Big” Ben Rothwell and Todd Duffee aren’t fond of one another. They’ve sparred verbally in the leadup to this fight, but the time for talking is over. On Saturday at KnuckleMania 4 – the biggest event in BKFC history – these two fan-favorite heavyweight goliaths throw down in the Squared Circle, LIVE worldwide on The BKFC App from the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles.

We asked some of the most savvy fighters on the BKFC roster who they're siding with in this must-see matchup.

James “Get Down” Brown: Duffee is a freak of nature. Rothwell is the vet and is also not a small individual. We know Duffee's chin isn't there, but his attack is still like fighting a silverback. I still have to go with Rothwell, third-round KO.

Zach “Shark Attack” Calmus: This is going to be a great fight; I’m a huge fan of both. I’m gonna go with Rothwell as he has the bare knuckle experience, and I’ve been at his fights live before – I don’t think anyone is as strong as “Big” Ben. He’s amazing.

Doug “ColdRed” Coltrane: I’m taking “Big” Ben by KO.

Noah Cutter: Ben Rothwell over Todd Duffee, probably by stoppage.

Michael “Papa G” Larrimore: I want to pick Todd Duffee since I was a fan growing up, but Ben Rothwell is made for this kind of thing, so give me Ben after a back-and-forth firefight, bell to bell.

“Royal” Ryan Reber: I’ve got “Big” Ben. I think his little little bit of bare knuckle experience will pay off. 

Wayna “The Rated R Superstar” Reid: I’m picking Rothwell. 

JR “The Lion” Ridge: Ben Rothwell and Todd Duffee is going to be banger – I’m going with Rothwell by TKO.

Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez: I believe “Big” Ben is gonna show dominance and claim his spot as one of the best coming up.

Gabrielle “Jersey’s Warrior Princess” Roman: I’m going with Duffee. 

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: It’s always tough to call a fight having a newcomer. That being said, Rothwell is tried and true. Picking Rothwell on this one.