Attending BKFC Tryouts was a life-changing decision for Tony "Loco" Soto

Attending BKFC Tryouts was a life-changing decision for Tony "Loco" Soto

Wednesday, Nov 15 2023 by BKFC Staff

Tony “Loco” Soto’s life changed forever when he attended a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Tryouts event in 2021 in Birmingham, AL.

Soto, of course, impressed BKFC brass and earned an opportunity to test his skills in the world-famous Squared Circle. The heavy-handed Hickory, NC fighter was victorious in his debut at BKFC 19 in 2021, and his record is still spotless after six battles under the BKFC banner.

Soto has worked tirelessly and fought relentlessly to climb the ladder to title contention in BKFC’s stacked lightweight division – but it all started that afternoon in Birmingham.

“BKFC tryouts are a humongous opportunity for young fighters, seasoned fighters, fighters from all walks of life,” says Soto, who wants his next fight to be against BKFC World Lightweight Champion Luis “Baboon” Palomino.

“If you can go in there and show talent and stand out, it’s a massive opportunity, especially now because BKFC is growing so fast.”

The next BKFC Tryouts event is set for Dec. 9 at Tapia Boxing Academy in Albuquerque, NM. 

As one of the most successful BKFC Tryouts products of all time, Soto has simple advice for those who will be attending in Albuquerque.

“Stand out,” he says.

“Be yourself, and when you step through the door, be the person that everybody wants to see step into the ring. Be that light – you want to shine brighter than everybody.”

Apply online today if you think you have what it takes to toe the line in the Squared Circle: