Undefeated Alan Belcher takes aim at BKFC Heavyweight Champion Arnold Adams

Undefeated Alan Belcher takes aim at BKFC Heavyweight Champion Arnold Adams

Monday, Jun 13 2022 by BKFC Staff

Alan “The Talent” Belcher nailed his prediction.

Heading into his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship showdown with “Big” Frank Tate on Saturday, the unbeaten heavyweight predicted a first-round KO.

Belcher was correct, needing just 81 seconds to dispatch Tate, further cementing his status as the No. 1-ranked contender in BKFC’s stacked heavyweight division. 

“You know, you can always analyze your performance and break down how it could’ve went better, but there wasn’t much to it. It was pretty much perfect,” Belcher offers with a laugh.

With the win, “The Talent” climbed to 3-0 in the BKFC Squared Circle. Belcher has a number of victories in the UFC and impressive wins as a professional boxer, but he calls Saturday’s performance the highlight of his career.

“To be here, with this momentum behind me, at this age, and my mind has never been sharper, it’s really just amazing. It was great – I feel great.”

Now, Belcher has his sights firmly set on a showdown with BKFC Heavyweight Champion Arnold “Bomaye” Adams (7-1), who was conveniently watching ringside in Jackson, MS.

“I’m not going to make any predictions except that I’m going to beat Arnold Adams. If it goes all five rounds, I’d really like to see how I perform in the third, fourth and fifth rounds, because I get better as the fight goes on. If he can take my clean shots, he’s got a hell of a chin," Belcher says.

“Right now, I feel like I’m one of the best punchers to ever do bare knuckle fighting, boxing, kickboxing or MMA. I’ve got the perfect size, perfect speed and timing, so I’m one of the best knockout artists on the planet right now.”

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