Monica Franco wants the belt around her waist, BKFC in Hawaii

Monica Franco wants the belt around her waist, BKFC in Hawaii

Tuesday, Feb 27 2024 by BKFC Staff

Monica Franco feels right at home with BKFC.

After defeating Khortni Kamyron in her Squared Circle debut at BKFC 50, Franco returns to action against Rosalinda Rodriguez at BKFC Fight Night Miami, LIVE on The BKFC App from Vivo! Dolphin Mall on March 15.

Although Franco found success in the cage during her time as a professional MMA fighter, it seems the taekwondo black belt has found her calling with bare knuckle fighting.

“I’m very excited about what I want to accomplish with this platform,” Franco says.

“No takedowns? Oh my gosh. I’m very excited,” she adds with a laugh. “With BKFC, if you’re not inspired to be a champion one day, then what are you doing, you know? I love fighting, fighting has always been my passion, and I’m going to work my (expletive) off until I get to the top.”

Franco believes she has what it takes to someday strike gold with BKFC. The source of her confidence is simple.

“I love what I do. I’ve always believed that if you’re passionate about something, and you work as hard as you can, it’s inevitable that you put yourself in a position to succeed,” she says. 

“I have passion and work ethic. I also have a willingness to go out there and not be afraid to lose, but fight to win. Somebody has to win, so why not me?”

Another goal for Franco is to someday help bring the world-famous BKFC Squared Circle to her home state of Hawaii.

“That would be beyond this world. It would be extremely amazing and a dream come true for sure,” the Honolulu product says.

“That’s something I’m definitely fighting for.”