Marc Entenberg chasing greatness with BKFC

Marc Entenberg chasing greatness with BKFC

Friday, Aug 11 2023 by BKFC Staff

Pro kickboxer Marc Entenberg is used to using his legs as weapons. 

Kicks and knees won’t be an option in his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut on Friday, but the well-traveled striker is nevertheless excited to test his fighting style in the world-famous Squared Circle.

“There are different styles of Muay Thai, and I believe my style in particular will be adaptable for BKFC,” says Entenberg, who fights Darrick Gates (1-2, 1 NC) at BKFC 48 on Friday in Albuquerque, NM, LIVE on The BKFC App.

“There are some pros, especially with me having so much experience in the clinch and having really good footwork,” he adds. “But, on the same token, there are a lot of potential difficulties that come with transitioning from Muay Thai to BKFC, like finding my range while avoiding big, sneaky shots from awkward angles.”

Entenberg, who has spent ample time sharpening his kickboxing skills in Thailand, is a fresh face in the stacked BKFC featherweight division, but he’s ready to introduce himself in style on Friday – and he plans on sticking around for a while.

“I’d like to work my way up the rankings, become a contender, and push this as far as God will let me,” he says. 

“I’d like to be established as a top contender within the next year,” he adds. “What I want the most is to put on exciting fights for people to look back and remember fondly. I don’t want to just be good; I want to be great. I want people to look forward to my fights and remember them when I’ve left the sport.”