Leo Bercier has gone back to the basics

Leo Bercier has gone back to the basics

Friday, Jun 09 2023 by BKFC Staff

Leo Bercier has gone back to the basics.

Straying away from the fundamentals of fighting, he says, was a reason for his loss in the BKFC Squared Circle to Leo Pla at BKFC 24.

“In my head I thought that I knew how to fight and I could get in there and fight anybody,” Bercier says. “But if you don’t have a solid training camp and the fundamentals in place, that’s when things go array.

“It was actually a lot of fun getting back to the basics – it reminded me why I love boxing so much,” he adds. “This is a beautiful sport. In order to be good at a high level, you have to dedicate years and years of your life to it.”

On Friday, Bercier is looking to rack up his second straight victory as he returns to action at BKFC 44 in Great Falls, MT, LIVE on The BKFC App. He’ll try to climb to 3-1 in the Squared Circle with a third KO over Will Sears (0-1).

“I’m aware that anything can happen in a fight, no matter how hard you train. But for me, I expect myself to remain calm and utilize the fundamentals that I focused on throughout this training camp,” Bercier says. 

Bercier’s combat sports resume includes over 200 fights. His health is excellent, but he turned 42 in April. He knows his fighting career is nearly over, but he’s hungry to make the most of the time does have left.

“I’d like to get a few more good wins under my belt, and I’d like to test myself against the top guys of the division,” he says. “I want to get some exposure, and maybe I’ll get a shot at the champ before my days are over. I’d love that opportunity.”