Knucklemania II Official Weigh-in Results

Knucklemania II Official Weigh-in Results

Friday, Feb 18 2022 by Patrick Connor

The official weigh-in ceremony for Knucklemania II, Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship's biggest event to date, went off without issue. Fights are on, including two BKFC championship bouts, and the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida will indeed be shake to its foundation when the fists start flying.


The following is a list of the official weights.


Mike Perry: 175.4 lbs.

Julian Lane: 175.7 lbs.


Luis Palomino*: 154.6 lbs.

Martin Brown: 154.6 lbs.

*BKFC Lightweight Champion


Chad Mendes: 155.8 lbs.

Famez: 161.4 lbs.


Christine Ferea*: 124.8 lbs.

Britain Hart*: 123.5 lbs.

*Fighting for Inaugural BKFC Women's Flyweight Championship


Gustavo Trujillo: 218.0 lbs.

Stephen Townsel: 217.6 lbs.


Jade Masson-Wong: 125.3 lbs.

Christine Vicens: 125.8 lbs.


Francesco Ricchi: 174.8 lbs.

Jake Bostwick: 175.5 lbs.


Uly Diaz: 183.9 lbs.

Sawyer Depee: 191.3 lbs.


Edgard Plazaola: 145.6 lbs.

Chevvy Bridges: 145.9 lbs.


Jomi Escoboza: 184.3 lbs.

Zion Tomlinson: 185.2 lbs.


Mario Vargas: 167.8 lbs.

Yosdenis Cedeno: 166.7 lbs



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