Juan Adams wants to build on TKO win at BKFC Prospect Series

Juan Adams wants to build on TKO win at BKFC Prospect Series

Monday, Jan 29 2024 by BKFC Staff

Juan “The Kraken” Adams has four big takeaways from his BKFC debut on Saturday at the sold-out Revel Arena in Albuquerque, NM.

“One, I’ve got to run more. Two, I’m never going to cut that much weight again. And, three, I’ve got to get into a pure boxing gym for at least two days a week for my training,” the 32-year-old Albuquerque heavyweight says.

The fourth takeaway, of course, was a victory. Despite how it may sound, the UFC vet defeated Matt Adams via third-round TKO in their heavyweight matchup.

Followers of the BKFC Prospect Series will see a lot of fighters compete once and then decide that bare knuckle fighting isn’t for them. It’s quite the opposite for Adams, who moonlights as a Grade 8 science teacher.

“Before this fight, all I was thinking was ‘bite down, move forward, don’t go down.’ That’s what I kept telling myself, so I just went out swinging,” he says. “Every time he hit me, I wanted to hit him back. It was exhilarating, it was fun, it was grueling. I’m going to build up my knuckles so my body can keep doing it.”

BKFC’s stacked heavyweight division is loaded with established stars and up-and-coming prospects. “The Kraken” is all for it.

“If I get another fight, I’ll be grateful for it, and I’ll be more prepared this time so I don’t have to cut so much weight on the week of the fight,” he says.

“I’m ready for anything.”