Josh Dyer ready to strike gold at BKFC 47 on Friday

Josh Dyer ready to strike gold at BKFC 47 on Friday

Monday, Jul 10 2023 by BKFC Staff

Josh “D Day” Dyer beat Jared Warren at BKFC 12, and he’s ready to do it again on Friday at BKFC 47 in Lakeland, FL – this time with the vacant Interim BKFC World Light-Heavyweight Championship on the line.

“I know how hard he hits, I know what he’s good at. I know his willpower, and I know what I have to do to break it,” the 32-year-old Sioux Falls, SD product says. 

“To me, a rematch is easier.” 

Warren says his loss to Dyer was a turning point in his BKFC career. Warren has since won four of five in the Squared Circle, with three of those wins coming by stoppage. Although Dyer was the better bare knuckle fighter in 2020, he too has been working tirelessly to consistently be more dangerous when it’s time to “Toe the Line.”

“I’ve completely redesigned my whole style. I’m a lot more mobile, I’ve got quicker feet, and I’ve got a whole lot more tricks up my sleeve to land punches,” he says.

“I’ve created my own style that’s really hard for people to learn to combat in a short amount of time,” he adds. “It makes me a lot more confident knowing that I’ve built something that is uniquely mine, and it works really well.” 

If things go Dyer’s way Friday, and he’s able to go 2-0 against the fast-rising Warren, he’ll also have a piece of BKFC gold to call his own.

“A couple years ago I made the goal that I wanted to be a champion, I set my mind to it and I did everything I could to accomplish that goal,” he says. “To check that off the list is going to mean the world to me.”