Jenny Savage has arrived: “I’m here to stay”

Jenny Savage has arrived: “I’m here to stay”

Wednesday, Sep 14 2022 by BKFC Staff

Jenny Savage has arrived.

At BKFC 29 on Saturday, she improved to 3-1 in the BKFC Squared Circle with a 38-second KO over Veronika Dmitriyeva in strawweight action in Great Falls, MT, LIVE on the BKFC app.

“I feel like I finally cemented my name as a top contender with BKFC with this win. I’ve got lots to work on, but overall I’m happy,” Savage said.

“I feel like I made a statement on Saturday, and that statement is that I’m ready for whatever BKFC has got for me. I’m here to stay.”

The only loss on Savage’s record came at the hands of Britain Hart Beltran. Hart Beltran also fought at BKFC 29, defeating Charisa Sigala in the Main Event to become the inaugural BKFC World Women’s Strawweight Champion. 

Savage is 2-0 since losing to Hart Beltran 14 months ago. She’s quick to praise the champ, but Savage is hungry for a rematch. She says the second bout will be a night-and-day difference from the first clash, which Hart Beltran won by third-round TKO.

“I have way more weapons at my disposal now. I’m a bare knuckle fighter now, not just an MMA fighter. I’m stronger, I’m more composed, I have great people around me,” Savage says.

“I’m much happier now, and a happy fighter is a dangerous fighter.”

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