Jay Jackson eyes big win against Jared Warren at BKFC 32, breakout 2023 campaign

Jay Jackson eyes big win against Jared Warren at BKFC 32, breakout 2023 campaign

Tuesday, Oct 25 2022 by BKFC Staff

Jay Jackson has competed professionally in both bare knuckle fighting and MMA, and it’s clear he’s got a favorite.

“I love MMA, but there’s nothing like the rush of bare knuckle fighting,” says Jackson, a veteran of 17 pro MMA bouts and three BKFC fights. 

“MMA can be a little stagnant at times, but it’s zero to 100 when you ‘toe the line’ in BKFC. It sounds idiotic, but there’s a crazy rush that comes with starting toe to toe from the jump. It’s a fast-paced sport, and I love it.

“I was always the ‘hands guy’ in MMA,” he adds with a laugh. “I really just wanted to throw hands, so BKFC is perfect for me.”

A veteran of the BKFC tryout system, Jackson has won two of his first three fights with the organization. He hunts for his third victory – and third knockout – against Jared Warren (4-2) at BKFC 32 on Nov. 5 in Orlando, FL, LIVE on the BKFC app

Jackson seems happy with what he’s accomplished so far, but his bout with Warren, the No. 5-ranked BKFC light-heavyweight contender, is certainly the biggest opportunity of his career.

“This is a huge fight for me. It’s an honor,” Jackson says. “It’s hard to tell how this one will go. I’m not a betting man, but I just know I’m prepared for anything. My goal is a stoppage victory, but I’m prepared to go a hard five rounds too.” 

Jackson says he couldn’t ask for a better fight to cap off 2022 and tee up a breakout 2023 campaign in the BKFC Squared Circle.

“My plan is to keep grinding, keep moving forward, and become one of the top stars for the show,” he says. “It’s been a grind to get to the show, and now I’m excited to really establish myself among the best in the sport."

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