Jared Warren wants to keep momentum rolling after winning big in Tampa

Jared Warren wants to keep momentum rolling after winning big in Tampa

Monday, Jul 25 2022 by BKFC Staff

It takes more than an undefeated record to intimidate Jared Warren.

On Saturday at BKFC Fight Night: Tampa 2, Warren handed the previously unbeaten John Michael Escoboza the first loss of his career, dropping his bare knuckle fighting record to 7-1.

“I was definitely aware of his record because it got brought up so much leading up to the fight. But when I went back and watched his fights, I wasn’t as impressed by his fighting ability as I was impressed by the record itself,” Warren said. 

“A lot of his fights seemed to come in a lower-level organization, so he hadn’t fought against the kind of competition you’ll find at BKFC. It’s not that he couldn’t do well; he just hadn’t been tested up until that point.” 

Warren improved to 4-2 with the unanimous decision victory, and he left the Squared Circle with a clean bill of health. He’s fought four times in the past year, and as the No. 5-ranked BKFC light-heavyweight he wants to keep the momentum rolling.

Warren says fights with Uly Diaz and Joe Riggs make the most sense because they’re ranked third and fourth in the BKFC Light-Heavyweight Rankings, respectively. He’s open to other matchups in the meantime. One way or the other, he sees the BKFC World Light-Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist in 2023.

“We’re keeping a pretty good pace,” Warren said. “In a year's time, things could really escalate.” 

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