Dodson brothers hand out twin beatings at BKFC 28

Dodson brothers hand out twin beatings at BKFC 28

Monday, Aug 29 2022 by BKFC Staff

Brothers John and Eric Dodson made history Saturday as the first siblings to ever compete in the BKFC Squared Circle on the same night.

But the Dodson brothers did more than just compete; they dominated.

Setting the stage early on the Main Card, Eric needed just 23 seconds to take out Nick Villar. Competing in the Co-Main Event a couple hours later, John defeated fellow UFC vet Ryan Benoit in just 40 seconds.

The 17-second difference might not mean much to some, but it meant a whole lot to the uber-competitive Dodson brothers.

“It’s bragging rights,” Eric said with a big laugh. “We’re always talking with each other, going back and forth about who knocks out who better, you know? Getting the fastest knockout means a lot to me.” 

John, the older brother by 18 months, cornered Eric before his own fight. Nobody in the world was happier than John after the 23-second battering. He left the ring motivated by his brother’s performance – and frankly a little relieved.

“I was (expletive) bricks for my brother because he hadn’t fought in so long,” John said with a chuckle. “Me, I’m calm, cool and collected. I go out there with full confidence and I can handle any errors because I can correct them myself. When it’s my brother – when he’s fighting – I just want to be in there fighting for him.

“I’m a stone-cold killer when it comes to myself. But I’m a (expletive) worrying, little (expletive) when it comes to my brother. My anxiety was through the roof.”

Anxiety aside, fighting on the same card was a dream come true for the boys. Both John and Eric would like to return to action soon at BKFC. Ideally it will come on the same card again, the boys agree, but they’ll always treasure their experience at BKFC 28, even if it's just for one night only.

“This might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but if we get the opportunity to do this again, oh, undoubtedly we’ll be jumping on that full force,” John said.

“I hope we get to fight on the same card together again,” Eric added. “He pushes me to get better, I push him to get better. We’re both basically going through the same thing, so there’s no way I’m going to let him outwork or outshine me in the gym. Fighting on the same card gives us that extra little push during training camp and during the fight.”

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