Dameko Labon is just getting started

Dameko Labon is just getting started

Monday, Mar 18 2024 by BKFC Staff

Dameko “Lotto” Labon improved to 2-0 in the Squared Circle on Friday at BKFC Fight Night Miami at the sold-out Vivo! Dolphin Mall in his native Miami. 

Labon’s second victory in the Squared Circle didn’t come as easy as his 21-second KO at the inaugural BKFC Prospect Series in Miami last August. On Friday, Labon had to pick himself up off the canvas before dropping Jorge Bargallo three times before the fight was stopped with 16 seconds left in the opening stanza.

“In a way it does feel good (to know that I’m able to continue fighting after getting knocked down), but really I always knew that about myself. I always fight hard,” Labon says. “Even if I get knocked down 20 times, I’m getting up every single time.” 

Labon, 23, is off to a nice start in his bare knuckle fighting career, but he insists that’s all it is – just the start.

“The job’s not done. This is just the beginning,” he says.

“It feels good to have another win on my record, but I’m moving forward and already hungry to get back in there.”