Carlos Trinidad-Snake goes scorched earth on BKFC champ Austin Trout

Carlos Trinidad-Snake goes scorched earth on BKFC champ Austin Trout

Tuesday, May 21 2024 by BKFC Staff

The undefeated Carlos Trinidad-Snake has just one target on his hit list – BKFC World Welterweight Champion Austin Trout.

“I’m ready to take that belt home,” Trinidad-Snake says.

“I feel like he’s been stagnant with the belt. He’s an old man who’s on his way out the door, and I’m ready to retire him.”

Trinidad-Snake, 28, smashed his way to 5-0 in the Squared Circle with a first-round stoppage victory over the red-hot Dustin Pague on Friday in the Main Event of BKFC Fight Night Omaha in Omaha, NE.

Trout is the most accomplished gloved boxer to successfully transition to bare knuckle fighting. The former World Boxing Association and World Boxing Council champ is 2-0 in the Squared Circle after most recently dethroning Luis Palomino, then the No. 1 fighter on the BKFC Pound-for-Pound rankings, for Palomino’s 165-pound World Title at BKFC 57 in February.

Still, Trinidad-Snake isn’t impressed. 

“Every time he’s had a chance to be great, I think he’s choked – he’s failed. He couldn’t end his career as a champion in gloved boxing, so that’s why he’s doing bare knuckle, and he couldn’t finish Palomino in their title fight,” he says. 

“He’s not who everybody thinks he is.”

Trinidad-Snake has a simple prediction for a possible showdown with the champ.

“I see me knocking him out,” he says.

“I’m trying to blow up with BKFC. I feel like I’m the guy that nobody expected to come up,” he adds. “I’m killing it in the division but I’m still relatively unknown. People might not know about me now, but everybody will know about me soon.”