Bruce Abramski ends historic layoff with a bang at BKFC 51

Bruce Abramski ends historic layoff with a bang at BKFC 51

Tuesday, Oct 03 2023 by BKFC Staff

Bruce Abramski made his highly anticipated return to the BKFC Squared Circle on Friday with a 43-second KO over Mark Culp at BKFC 51 in Salem, VA.

Friday’s action marked Abramski’s first BKFC fight since 2018, when the New York-born, Roanoke, VA fighter debuted at BKFC 2. Abramski is the first combatant in BKFC history to wait over five years between fights.

“It felt very natural – it felt more natural than I expected,” the 39-year-old Abramski says when asked about Friday’s return to the Squared Circle.

“I felt very composed; I felt like I belonged there,” he adds. “And I didn’t have the pre-fight jitters that I usually have, which is a good thing.”

Abramski is a dangerous big man with heavy hands, but he isn’t exactly your typical prizefighter. Outside of his bare knuckle career, he owns a couple sporting goods stores, coaches hockey at a high level and owns a couple training facilities.

The proud family man is noncommittal when asked if he’ll fight again, but he’ll definitely answer any calls from BKFC Matchmaker Nate Shook.

“If they gave me an opportunity, I’d seriously consider it,” he says. 

“I don’t feel like I’m dead yet,” he adds with a laugh. “I’m older and a little bit slower, but I’m also extremely durable and I’ve been told that I have heavy hands throughout my fight career. A sport like bare knuckle suits me – you only have to land one or two big shots to get the finish.”