Britain Hart rolling with the punches after striking gold at BKFC 29

Britain Hart rolling with the punches after striking gold at BKFC 29

Monday, Sep 12 2022 by BKFC Staff

The fourth time was a charm for Britain Hart.

On Saturday, Hart Beltran was crowned the inaugural BKFC World Women’s Strawweight Champion. The magical moment followed three unsuccessful fights for the BKFC World Women’s Flyweight Championship earlier in Hart's career.

She finally accomplished the feat with a Unanimous Decision victory over Charisa Sigala in the Main Event of BKFC 29 on Saturday in Great Falls, MT, LIVE on the BKFC app

“The fact that I fought for other titles before, it adds to the sweetness and really sticks true to never quitting and never giving up,” Hart said. “You hear all these stories about actors who were rejected at auditions who went on to become stars after being told no so many times, and that’s how this feels. 

“It was falling short that showed me how bad I wanted it. How badly it hurt when I fell short showed me how important it was. Overcoming those obstacles makes this an even sweeter victory.” 

Hart doesn’t know yet when or where or against who she’ll be defending her title against first. As always, she’s rolling with the punches.

“I’m not done evolving. I can’t tell you guys that you’ve seen the best of me, because I know there’s a better version of me. Until I give you guys the best version, I just can’t be done,” she said. 

“I’m ready to answer the call for whoever is next.”

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