Brett Williams wins big in BKFC debut while (mostly) hiding inner fanboy

Brett Williams wins big in BKFC debut while (mostly) hiding inner fanboy

Tuesday, Jun 14 2022 by BKFC Staff

Brett Williams made a heck of a first impression in his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut on Saturday.

In the opening Main Card bout in Jackson, MS, Williams needed just 61 seconds to defeat Frankie Shughart by knockout in their middleweight matchup.

“I knew he was going to be durable and he’s got a good gas tank, but I knew if I just stay slick with it, I’ll be all right,” Williams says.

It’s hard to not be happy with a knockout victory, but Williams admits he wasn’t really even aiming to end the fight so early.

“One of the first things I learned when I was younger, is that punchers aren’t made. Real power isn’t made. You’re born with that,” Williams says. 

“That’s something that I’m born with, so it’s just another knockout for me. I wasn’t even really looking for the knockout in the finishing sequence.” 

Williams is happy to kick off his professional bare knuckle fighting career with a victory. But that was just one of his goals entering BKFC Fight Week in Mississippi. 

“Fighting for BKFC is literally my dream come true. It wasn’t just a matter of getting my pro debut over with, it was more like, let me try to get through this whole amazing experience with this awesome organization without being a fanboy when I’m around all these people I look up to,” he says with a big laugh. 

Williams says he almost made it through the week without letting his inner fanboy out – until he had a chance to chat with BKFC Commentator Sean Wheelock. 

“He’s a great conversationalist, and he actually commentated my first amateur boxing match,” Williams says. “I’m so used to watching him on the BKFC app, so it was really cool to see him in person again and have the opportunity to talk a bit.”

Set your calendars: Our next action-packed event, BKFC 26, goes down June 24 in Hollywood, FL. Tickets are still available. As always, you can catch all the action on the new BKFC app.