Brett Fields is ready to punch his way to the top

Brett Fields is ready to punch his way to the top

Friday, Oct 13 2023 by BKFC Staff

Nothing tops bare knuckle fighting for Brett Fields.

“This type of fighting is right up my alley – I feel right at home in the Squared Circle,” says Fields, who began his martial arts journey with karate at age 8. 

“I’m a warrior, and I enjoy every moment of being out there. I don’t like gloved boxing – I don’t like hiding behind those pillows.”

The hard-hitting Chicago Heights, IL product was front and center at BKFC 51 in Salem, VA, when he defeated Kaine Tomlinson via KO just 99 seconds into their middleweight matchup on Sept. 29.

Now that Fields has his first BKFC victory under his belt, he’s ready to make his run in the Squared Circle.

“I’ve got some time, and I want to use that time to continue to get better and earn my way to the top,” Fields says.

“I’d like to earn a title shot in the future. Not the near future – I respect the process and know that a lot of work still has to be put in – but my plan is to continue growing, give the fans what they want every time I go out there, and eventually take my place at the top of the division.”