Boxing champ Harry Cruz drops his gloves at BKFC's Prospect Series

Boxing champ Harry Cruz drops his gloves at BKFC's Prospect Series

Wednesday, Aug 23 2023 by BKFC Staff

Harry Cruz is one of the brightest prospects competing on the inaugural BKFC Prospect Series event on Thursday in Miami, LIVE on The BKFC App.

He is 8-3 with four knockouts as a professional boxer. He’s riding high off back-to-back stoppage victories in Colombia, most recently winning the American Boxing Federation American West middleweight championship.

Cruz believes BKFC will be an excellent fit for him.

“I think of BKFC as going back to my roots,” the 28-year-old Jacksonville, FL fighter says. “For some traditional boxers going into BKFC, it’s like they’re going into the unknown. But for me, I feel like I’m coming home.” 

Cruz’s biggest priority on Thursday is winning his matchup against Leandro Torres, but he’s also fighting to secure a multi-bout contract from BKFC Founder/President David Feldman, who will be watching intently from ringside.

“I want to make a statement. This is a great platform with a lot of people watching,” he says. “I want to make a statement that I’m somebody that’s interesting, and I’m somebody that people are going to want to watch fight again.”

Cruz is eager to let his fists do the talking on Thursday in Miami, but he does have a quick statement for BKFC brass.

“If you sign me, I won’t let you down – I’m always going to make the fight interesting,” he says. 

“I’ve been in there with world champions and Olympians and I haven’t backed down an inch. If I get a chance to sign with BKFC, I’m not going to let you down.”