Blue Chip MMA prospect Cole Ferrell drops his gloves at BKFC 42

Blue Chip MMA prospect Cole Ferrell drops his gloves at BKFC 42

Thursday, May 11 2023 by BKFC Staff

Another Blue Chip MMA prospect is dropping their gloves.

Cole Ferrell boasts a spectacular professional MMA record of 11-1, with all of his wins coming by stoppage, and he makes his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut on Friday at BKFC 42 in Greenville, SC, LIVE on The BKFC App.

“I want to prove that I’m a complete fighter. Most people think that I’m 100-percent a grappling, jiu-jitsu fighter, but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Ferrell says.

“I want to showcase my hands. I feel like that aspect of my game is one of my biggest secrets, and I want to show it off to the world.”

There’s a misconception that BKFC is only of interest to MMA fighters after they’ve already had a long career in the cage. It’s certainly true that BKFC has signed established superstars from the MMA world, like Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez, but Ferrell is one of many young Blue Chip MMA prospects that are taking the BKFC route early in their careers. 

“I’m still going to go to the UFC, so I’m a perfect example of why that misconception isn’t true,” Ferrell says. “This is not a retirement home. It’s the fastest growing combat sport in the world, the sky’s the limit, and I want to be a part of it.” 

The timing of Ferrell’s debut in the Squared Circle, the 30-year-old Georgia fighter says, couldn’t be better.

“The whole world was watching (BKFC 41) in Denver, and now I’m right in the heat of it,” Ferrell says.

“I feel like God himself made the stars align for my BKFC debut to so closely follow the biggest night in BKFC history.”