BKFC stars weigh in on Friday’s historic BKFC 57 Main Event

BKFC stars weigh in on Friday’s historic BKFC 57 Main Event

Thursday, Feb 01 2024 by BKFC Staff

Friday’s historic BKFC 57 Main Event features the most accomplished fighter in BKFC history, Luis “Baboon” Palomino (9-0, 3 KOs), stepping up to the plate once again against his toughest challenge yet, former World Boxing Association champ Austin “No Doubt” Trout (1-0, 1 KO).

Palomino has been so dominant in the Squared Circle for so long that he’s the only fighter to ever sit atop the BKFC Pound-for-Pound rankings. Trout, meanwhile, is the most skilled and accomplished gloved boxer to ever transition to bare knuckle fighting.

We checked in with some of BKFC’s most knowledgeable fighters for their predictions ahead of this massive, must-see matchup for the vacant BKFC World Welterweight Championship.

James “Get Down” Brown: Palomino versus Trout – I like this matchup. It'll be a treat for us all. "The Baboon" is on a roll, but you know I have to go with the southpaw – Austin Trout by UD.

Zach “Shark Attack” Calmus: I believe strongly that Palomino is by far the best fighter in the world in any combat sport; he’s the definition of a modern day gladiator. I see Palomino winning the fight by knockout. I don’t know which round, so keep your eyes on the screen. We’ve got a barnburner of a championship fight – two champions battling it out for supremacy of the world.

Doug “ColdRed” Coltrane: The Main and Co-Main Events at BKFC 57 are both really interesting; I can’t pick a winner for either! They both intrigue me, so I’ll be tuned in!

Devin “Dreamy” Gibson: I’ve got to go with Trout – he’s super slick.

Ja'Far Fortt "Knox": The 165 division is a big deal. After "GoGo" Slaveski left, Palomino needs work. Trout has nothing to lose.

Blake “Big Boy” LaCaze: A clash of styles. Palomino has proven himself time after time, and Trout has as well. But the bare knuckle experience may be the telltale sign in this matchup. I’ve got Luis Palomino by split decision in a very entertaining fight.

Michael “Papa G” Larrimore: I think we see a war that goes the distance, with Palomino coming out on top! I see both fighters getting dropped at least once.

Louie “El Loco” Lopez: I’m a big fan of Austin – I really am – however, it’s BKFC so I’m going with Luis Palomino. I pick him because he’s way more experienced and, when two guys are going at it that are that dangerous, you wanna kinda lean towards the guy who’s been there so many times. Not just five rounds; he’s been in there 25-30 rounds, so it def will show come Friday.

Tyler Randall: It seems like it’ll be a battle of footwork and pressure, whether Palomino can keep the pressure and not allow Trout to pick any range shots, or start finding traps with his angles. It’ll definitely be interesting. I’m gonna say Palomino based off of experience in the Squared Circle. No offense to Trout; I’ll be watching live for sure.

“Royal” Ryan Reber: The Main Event fight will be a good test for the champ, but as always, I think his fight IQ for bare knuckle is too high, and I think he pulls off the win!

JR “The Lion” Ridge: The Pound-for-Pound king Palomino facing his toughest opponent thus far in “No Doubt” Trout! Ever since Trout has come into BKFC he’s been on a tear. Both are very skilled, but I’ll have to go with BKFC homegrown Palomino.

Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez: There's no doubt Luis Palomino is on the warpath and will dominate, and put down any man put in front of him right now. He's just entering his prime.

Gabrielle Roman: Trout is a legend in boxing, but with bare knuckle you need certain qualities to become champ.

Kasim “Caution” Ruffin: Luis by TKO, but he’s going to have to be more aggressive this go around. 

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: I’m going with Palomino for the Main Event; he has more experience in this sport and it’d just be rude to bet against The Pound-for-Pound champ.