BKFC stars pick Ben Rothwell over Todd Duffee in BKFC 56 Co-Main Event

BKFC stars pick Ben Rothwell over Todd Duffee in BKFC 56 Co-Main Event

Tuesday, Nov 28 2023 by BKFC Staff

The judges can probably take this fight off, because the odds are slim-to-none that the scorecards will be needed when “Big” Ben Rothwell and Todd Duffee throw hands at BKFC 56 on Saturday at Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, UT, LIVE on The BKFC App. We asked some BKFC’s biggest stars for their take on this must-see heavyweight showdown. 

James “Get Down” Brown: Duffee has the body type of a silverback that lifts trees in his spare time. You can’t let that guy hit you in the skull. But will his chin hold up against “Big Ben?” I don’t think so. “Big Ben” by KO in the second.

Zach “Shark Attack” Calmus: Ben Rothwell is a destroyer built like a tank. I think he’ll run through Todd Duffee in the first round.

Blake “Big Boy” LaCaze: I lean to “Big Ben” in this fight. His experience in the BKFC Squared Circle, and being one of the hardest hitters there is, should show. 

Michael “Papa G” Larrimore: I think “Big” Ben Rothwell and Todd Duffee will have a hellacious 60-70 second start, and we’ll see Ben walking away with a TKO in the first round, even though I’d like to see Todd get it done as I’m a fan!

JR “The Lion” Ridge: Ben Rothwell is a force to be reckoned with. First-round KO for the big man.

“Caution” Kasim Ruffin: Ben for the win. He's massive and Todd is injury prone and chinny. 

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: I’m going with Rothwell. He’s got a lot of momentum behind him and he’s naturally such a huge guy. I’d say Rothwell by stoppage.

Chancey “Superfly” Wilson: “Big Ben” is beating anybody they put in front of ‘em. He’s too damn big and his hands are too fast to be as massive as he is – it’s unfair.