BKFC stars (mostly) siding with "GoGo" in BKFC 49 Main Event

BKFC stars (mostly) siding with "GoGo" in BKFC 49 Main Event

Friday, Aug 25 2023 by BKFC Staff

The vacant BKFC World Welterweight Championship is on the line tonight as undefeated studs Jake “The Gypsy” Lindsey (4-0, 4 KOs) and Gorjan “GoGo” Slaveski (5-0, 4 KOs) duke it out in Miami, LIVE on The BKFC App. Before the big night, we asked some of BKFC’s most savvy fighters who they’re picking in this must-see showdown.

James “Get Down” Brown: This is a great matchup. Both guys are undefeated and someone’s 0 has to go. “GoGo” is a southpaw, so I automatically want to go with him because I'm a southpaw too. Slaveski pressures a lot and has a high output, although he tends to overextend sometimes. Lindsey can pressure but seems to be more patient. “The Gypsy” can deal with southpaws but doesn’t move his head often. I’m going to go with “GoGo” for this one. I think he wins by unanimous decision or split decision. Definitely will be a show for the fans.

Zach “Shark Attack” Calmus: This will be a fight full of surprises! Both fighters continue to surprise me with how they evolve after each bout. I’m excited to see what the surprise will be. I’m going “GoGo,” but this will be a candidate for Fight of the Year.

Doug “ColdRed” Coltrane: “GoGo” is different, man, and that’s my boy. Jake won’t see the third round.

Marc Entenberg: I’m going with Lindsey. I think he’ll have longer shots and is a bit more diverse and good at finding openings. It’s a very good, tough matchup, just different styles. I love the way Slaveski hunts, his power and aggression. Lindsey has great aggression too, but I think he has a bit more diversity in terms of his shots and he’s a bit more unpredictable. They both handle adversity well, but I see Slaveski maybe getting caught coming in. It could go either way, but that’s how I see it.

Blake “Big Boy” LaCaze: I like “GoGo” in this fight. He brings a lot of pressure and heavy punching. Jake Lindsey has overcome a lot but this is the first major test!

JR “The Lion” Ridge: “GoGo” is on a hot streak right now and seems to be unstoppable. Have to go with my man Slaveski.

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren: I see a hell of a banger for this fight. Both guys come forward, and I’ve seen both get dropped then get up and finish their opponents. I’ll give Gorjan a slight edge with the hometown advantage. If it doesn’t end from a cut, I’ll say it’ll be a decision for “GoGo.”