BKFC stars can’t agree on Friday’s BKFC 47 Main Event

BKFC stars can’t agree on Friday’s BKFC 47 Main Event

Thursday, Jul 13 2023 by BKFC Staff

We asked some of BKFC’s most knowledgeable fighters for their prediction for BKFC 47’s Main Event on Friday. Check out their thoughts on David “Redneck” Mundell’s first defense of his BKFC World Middleweight Title against Mike “The Marine” Richman before they enter the Squared Circle in Lakeland, FL, LIVE on The BKFC App.

Doug “ColdRed” Coltrane: This is a very interesting fight! Two short, stocky guys who both have skills and both hit hard. I don’t care who wins, but I’d love to get the next crack at either one of these guys! Sign me up, coach – I’ve got next!

Howard “HD” Davis: I have Mundell edging Richman.

Devin “Dreamy” Gibson: Both Mundell and Richman can finish the fight with one shot at any given second, but I still believe pound-for-pound/in top shape Mike is one of the best fighters – not just in the BKFC, but in the world. He will continue to technically pick most of his competition apart.

Josh “Danger” Marer: David Mundell versus Mike Richman is one of these fights where both guys are powerhouses. Mundell is not the biggest or fastest in his division, but he has some serious timing and power. He’s destroyed some of the biggest heavy hitters in the division and earned his spot now. He likes to stay on the outside and find his way into the pocket to land a well-timed shot. Very intelligent counter puncher. Richman, on the other hand, I’m a little biased. I’ve been a huge fan of his since he fought in Bellator at bantamweight and featherweight. I feel like Mike has really found his weight class. He’s a heavy hitter that has the footwork and speed of a much lighter fighter. Mike has an extensive fight IQ and can adjust his game plan effectively as the fight progresses. I don't think this matchup ends without a finish. Somebody is getting knocked out and going down hard. Neither man will see it any other way. If Mike uses his footwork and stays away from Dave’s counters, Dave gets slower and tired in the later rounds and Mike will turn up. But Mundell is tough and would really need to be pressed. All Mundell needs is one well-timed left hand and we know it could be a bad night for Mike. I hardly think a decision is going to happen.

JR “The Lion” Ridge: Mundell versus Richman is an exciting matchup! Two of the best southpaws in BKFC! This is going to be a banger for sure. I’ve got my bro Mundell in the third round.

Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez: I believe Mike Richman’s pressure is gonna be too much for Mundell, and I predict a first-round stoppage.