BKFC is Dustin Pague's cup of tea

BKFC is Dustin Pague's cup of tea

Monday, Mar 13 2023 by BKFC Staff

Dustin Pague says BKFC is his cup of tea.

Pague has accomplished much as a pro MMA fighter, including six fights with the UFC. But the former The Ultimate Fighter semifinalist prefers fighting without gloves – and without grappling.

“If bare knuckle was around when I first started with MMA, I would’ve just stuck with that because I love it – two dudes, bare knuckles, throwing fists,” Pague says.

“I probably have more wins by submission than KOs, but it’s always been preferable for me just to stand up and throw bombs at each other. The ultimate test of a man is throwing hands.”

Pague, 35, is now making up for lost time with BKFC, making his third appearance in the world-famous Squared Circle against James Dennis (1-1, 1 KO) at BKFC 39 in Norfolk, VA on March 24, LIVE on The BKFC App.

Pague’s most recent fight with BKFC lasted just 45 seconds, and it’s safe to say he’s gunning for another fast finish in his native Virginia.

“I respect my opponent and give him all the props, but I’m going to walk away with my hand raised and put on a show for the people, that’s for damn sure.”

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