BKFC Fight Night Jackson Weigh-in Results

BKFC Fight Night Jackson Weigh-in Results

Friday, Jan 28 2022 by Patrick Connor

The weights are in, BKFC Fight Night Jackson is on and we have an inaugural BKFC welterweight championship to decide!


Bobo O'Bannon and Alan Belcher face off.


Elvin Brito 164.8 lbs. vs Kaleb Harris 163.8 lbs.

Bobo O’Bannon 262.3 lbs. vs Alan Belcher 224.7 lbs. 

Quentin Henry 205.7 lbs. vs Chris Sarro 206 lbs.

Scott O’Shaughnessy 184.9 lbs. vs Jared Warren 186.1 lbs.

Jeremiah Riggs (Weighing in later) vs Eric Thompson 183 lbs.

Ryan Jones 186.6 lbs. vs Brandon Johnson 186.7 lbs. 

Teddy Webster 215.2 lbs. vs Robert Morrow (Weighing in later)

Crystal Pittman 132 lbs. vs Audra Cummings 128.9 lbs. 

Wade Johnson 164.8 lbs. vs Nathan Mitchell 166.3 lbs.

Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger 124.7 lbs. vs Martyna Krol 125.6 lbs.

David Diaz 135.8 lbs. vs Albert Inclan 135.5 lbs.


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