Are BKFC stars making a New Year's resolution?

Are BKFC stars making a New Year's resolution?

Sunday, Jan 01 2023 by BKFC Staff

Happy New Year! Check it out as we asked five Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship fan-favorite fighters if they're making any resolutions heading into 2023.

Britain Hart Beltran

My New Year's resolution is always to start something new and become really good at it! So with that being said, along with boxing, I just joined a BJJ school! And if that isn't enough, I got my very first road bike for Christmas/training preparation for a sprint triathlon with Joey (Beltran) in May. I think everyone will agree that this will equate to the most "Fit Brit" version you've ever seen!

JR “The Lion” Ridge 

My New Year’s resolution is to get more rest during fight camp and eat healthier when not in fight camp.

Jenny Savage

My New Year's resolution is to take what is equitably mine and acquire my 115 title.

Jared “Captain Deadpool” Warren

Not to be cliche, but my diet! I’ve always been that guy that works out a lot, eats whatever he wants, and still stays pretty lean year round. But I recently started thinking, What if I continue to train like I do, but don’t continue to eat like a 13-year-old home alone for the weekend with his parents’ credit card?

Sarah “TNT” Shell

As most other competitive athletes, the most obvious New Year’s resolution or goal is that I want to work my way to the top. I want to keep improving and developing my skills and finishing fights. I would like to stay very active in BKFC and I’ve already switched from Chipotle to home-cooked meals so that I can work my way down from flyweight to strawweight, which has always been my competition weight in MMA fights. I also won a national qualifier as a bikini competitor in November, so I would like to win my IFBB bikini pro card at the end of 2023. Outside of athletic competitions, I just want to continue being a good mother, wife, doctor, business owner, and a positive role model for anyone who knows me or follows me.

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