Andrew Angelcor wants to make a statement at BKFC 50

Andrew Angelcor wants to make a statement at BKFC 50

Wednesday, Sep 06 2023 by BKFC Staff

Andrew Angelcor has one thing on his mind – victory.

In his most recent BKFC fight, the hard-hitting Barstow, CA lightweight shared a draw with David Bosnick at BKFC 36, dropping his record to 2-0-1 in the Squared Circle.

Angelcor believes he did enough to win that fight, but he stops short of calling it a robbery. He looked in the mirror instead of blaming anyone else, and he’s hungry to return to the win column when he meets Brett Hudson at BKFC 50 on Sept. 22 in Denver, LIVE on The BKFC App.

“That lit a fire under my (expletive), and you’re going to see it when I step up to the line on fight night,” Angelcor says. 

“There will be no feeling-out process, he won’t have any time to breathe or get comfortable. I got the draw in my last fight because I (expletive) around too much early, and that’s not going to happen again.” 

Angelcor says the most likely outcome for this fight is simple – a statement made in the Squared Circle.

“I’ve already proved that my conditioning is second to none, and I’ve proved that I can take a hit if one of his shots do get through,” he says.

“If he makes it to the second round, I’m going to put him away. I guarantee you it’s not going past the second round.”