"And Still" or "And New": BKFC stars predict BKFC 62's Main Event

"And Still" or "And New": BKFC stars predict BKFC 62's Main Event

Thursday, Jun 20 2024 by BKFC Staff

Bare knuckle fighting’s two best undefeated 145-pound contenders collide for the crown on Friday at BKFC 62 in Hollywood, FL. Kai “Hefty Bag” Stewart (5-0, 2 KOs) defends his BKFC World Featherweight Championship for the second time against Bryan “El Gallo” Duran (6-0, 6 KOs). We asked some of BKFC’s most knowledgeable fighters who they’re picking in this must-see grudge match, LIVE on The BKFC App.

James "Get Down" Brown: Stewart has the blitz, the awkwardness, and the clinch. Duran has a big right hand. I have to go with the guy with more tools. Kai Stewart, UD.

Noah Cutter: I’d like to pick the Florida boys for the win, but I think the champion’s experience is going to retain it for them. That is unless it’s a close decision; I don’t think the champs want that with the Florida judges in my opinion.

Ramiro Figueroa: I would have to lean towards Bryan Duran. His fighting style is notably more aggressive, which often gives him an edge in the ring. Furthermore, Duran has faced numerous tough situations throughout his life and has consistently managed to overcome them. This resilience and determination set him apart, as he possesses a unique vision and a relentless drive. For these reasons, I believe Duran will come out on top at BKFC 62.

Josh “The Hellboy” Huber: I'm picking Stewart over Duran because Stewart has wins over stronger competition. 

“Royal” Ryan Reber: I’ve got to roll with my All In brother Duran! And new!

Wanya “The Rated R Superstar” Reid: I’m going with Duran.

JR “The Lion” Ridge: Kai’s got the grit and has proved a lot of people wrong, but I’ll have to go with “El Gallo” by decision.

Esteban “Mohawk” Rodriguez: No doubt in my mind Bryan Duran will be an undefeated BKFC World Champion.

Gabrielle “Jersey’s Warrior Princess” Roman: I’m going with Kai.

Dylan “The Villain” Schulte: I think Kai is going to get the job done by decision.

Tommy “The Farmer” Strydom: If Bryan picks up his fitness, he can definitely win. He's got a much harder punch, but he's gotta land it first.

Zeb “CWB” Vincent: Kai Stewart wins because I want him to and I’m biased (laughs). Also because I think Duran is a punk.