Age just a number for young gun Zion Tomlinson

Age just a number for young gun Zion Tomlinson

Tuesday, May 24 2022 by BKFC Staff

Zion Tomlinson may be young, but he’s not short on experience.

As the son of a fighter, Tomlinson grew up in the gym and took his first fight at the tender age of 15. 

Now 22, Tomlinson has three trips to the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship Squared Circle and more than 10 amateur MMA bouts under his belt.

Until recently the youngest fighter on the BKFC roster, Tomlinson sees his age as a blessing.

“I’m better and more dangerous with each fight, and I’ve got so much more time to grow. I’ve still got years and years to grow in this sport,” Tomlinson says. 

“Other guys have been around longer and have fought more, so they may have that advantage on me sometimes. But, as the sport grows, I’ll have the upper hand because at that point I’ll have so much experience.”

Tomlinson doesn’t see himself hitting his prime for another six years, when he’ll be 28. In the much more immediate future, he’s set to battle Scott O’Shaughnessy in light-heavyweight action at BKFC Fight Night Jackson II on June 11 in Jackson, MS, LIVE on BKTV.

O’Shaugnessy is 37, and boldly predicts his experience will play a huge factor when it’s time to toe the line.

Tomlinson doesn’t agree.

“We’re not on the same level,” he offers.

“If he can’t withstand the output that I’m going to put on him, he’ll be out in the first minute,” he adds. “He’s a tough guy, I’ll give him that, but I don’t see it going past 30 seconds into the second round.”