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The unmatched intensity of the BKFC fight night experience can be too much for some – but not Kaitlyn Bertrand.
“It was insane,” Kaitlyn says when asked about her debut as a BKFC Ring Card Girl in 2020.
“At first I was so nervous, then I started engaging with the crowd, and it’s the crowd that makes it bare knuckle. 
“I really loved it.”
Kaitlyn loves interacting with BKFC fans at events and on social media. It’s a part of the gig that she always makes time for, even though the multi-talented Fort Lauderdale, FL product balances her time as a BKFC Ring Card Girl with careers as a realtor, fitness magazine cover model and influencer.
Kaitlyn was hired for a single event in the beginning, but she’s rapidly become a face of the ultra-popular BKFC Ring Card Girls and one-of-a-kind BKFC fight night experience.
“BKFC is growing so fast, and I’m really happy to be growing with it,” she says. “We’re doing so many events, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.”