Current Rank
#2 - Women Flyweight
#3 -
170 CM / 5'6"
United States of America
52.617 KG / 116 LBS
67in / 170cm
Social Media
Pro Bare Knuckle Record 4-2-0 Wins-Losses-Draws

Fighter Record

Result Opponent Event Watch
Win JENNY SAVAGE Fight Night Prospect Albuquerque
Jan 27 2024
Loss JADE MASSON-WONG BKFC 43 OMAHA Alexander vs Smith
May 19 2023
Aug 27 2022
Win Hannah Guy BKFC TAMPA
Dec 09 2021
Win CASSIE ROBB BKFC 19 VanZant vs Ostovich
Jul 23 2021
Win Charisa Sigala KNUCKLEMANIA
Feb 05 2021

Fighter Media

Fighter Bio



BK Record: 4-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Pro MMA Record: 1-1-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)

Based out of South Carolina, Taylor 'Killa Bee' Starling is no stranger to the BKFC spotlight having created buzz around every single one of her fights within the organization. She rapidly rose through the women's flyweight rankings knocking down whoever the BKFC put up against her until she ran into the pound for pound bare-knuckle queen, Christine Ferea. She was then upset by Jade Wong and looks to have considered a move down to the 115-pound division. After looking essentially unbeatable in her first three bouts to then losing back-to-back doesn't seem to fluster the "Killa Bee" whatsoever. She is completely focused on holding a title and will do what she needs to in order to reach that goal.

Fighting with a strong, come forward style and heavy volume, Starling looks to finish the fight as early as possible. She uses a lot of clinch work if she isn't able to end the night early as she did against Cassie Robb but will stay in the fight as long as she is conscious. The one exception to this was in her quickly finished title fight where Ferea's power was just too much for Starling at this stage in her career. Watching Starling in her wins tells you she will embrace the grind and is willing to take more than a few on the chin as she will continue walking forward even after being bloodied up. Interestingly, her loss to Wong will tell you the same. She took some of Wong's cleanest shots and went through serious adversity there but still made it to the final bell while out throwing her opponent until the bitter end.

Taylor Starling never fails to mention her children post-fight, win or lose and tells them she loves them and fights for them. She has used her platform to generate attention to her brand and partners with various companies to grow an already large fanbase.

In her time out of the Squared Circle, Starling is creating content, appearing on podcasts and promoting her work in and out of the BKFC. She embraces her girly side much more when she isn't fighting or training and has no problem with becoming close to those she has toed the line against. Both Ferea and Wong, she has been seen being more friendly with and especially in the case with Ferea, this was interesting. From intense smack talking and belt snatching, to later being civil shows the level of professionalism held by both fighters.

Starling will be near the top of whatever division she chooses to pursue and has a good chance of remaining ranked in both 115 and 125 for years to come. Being coached by Keith Richardson, she has a solid team behind her. The end goal is to hold gold and etch her name in the bare-knuckle history books and with work ethic, chin, conditioning and hand speed Starling has all the pieces.